Unity Is Not Determined By An Order From Above

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the recent missile attack and the military operation “Protective Edge” there was a general feeling of unity among the people in Israel. But how can we keep it? After all, when the military operation was over it began to fade away again. Even the prime minister said it would have been better if we had continued to live in such unity.

Answer: But the government cannot do anything here. Unity isn’t determined by an order from above. The government only determines laws, frameworks, and limits and cannot invoke compassion, love, warmth, unity or connection in the people.

It isn’t the government’s job. The government can provide the means, the resources, and the power, but it cannot engage in it. Caring about mutual guarantee is the obligation of the society, of the citizens.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/14

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  1. Imagine you are a child. You grow up in an environment where all the video games you play the jews are enemies. Your parents and their parents were cut off from other nations and the leaders distorted your religious texts in order to hate the other nations. This is all you know. Then when these “leaders” make an attack on a foreign nature and you attack them and bomb them. Your ideas have been reinforced and you then pass them to your children and their children. And the relatives of the deceased join the militant group. All over 3 people that died, 2000 more have died, and maybe 1000 more militants step up. War will never breed peace, know this. It was a huge mistake. I have learned as much from the quran as i have from the torah. From a lense undistorted by what we would “like it to be”. Wouldn’t you like to know how many times this human project has come and concluded. Many.

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