The Teacher Is Waiting For You At The Entrance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe student receives all of the Light (the Light that Reforms and the Light of the filling) through the teacher. The order of the levels never changes and so the student’s role is to yearn to adhere to the teacher.

We have such an example in The Book of Zohar about Rabbi Chiya who fasted for forty days in order to see Rabbi Shimon, his teacher, who had left them. When he didn’t manage to see him, he fasted for another forty days.

This of course, doesn’t refer to a physical fast, but to spiritual actions. Rabbi Chiya ascended to the level of the upper Bina of Bina and he corrected himself to such an extent in the Light of Hassadim that he was awarded the level of connection with his teacher on a very high level. This means that he saw Rabbi Shimon sitting in the upper assembly, and it is thanks to Rabbi Chiya that he revealed the upper wisdom, the Light of Hochma, and the concealed mind, Mocha Stima’a. 

Question: How can we attain such a revelation?

Answer: We should try to yearn for what the teacher says. Of course neither you nor I are on levels like Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Chiya, but we will undoubtedly reach these levels in the future. In that case this should serve as an example for us, not in the physical psychological connection, but in the real inner connection. Everything that we learn and receive through the external mind and the inner filling comes from the teacher.

Otherwise the teacher cannot do anything for us. He is in the position of a parent who can give his child only what the child asks for. If the child is full of energy and has the intelligence and desire, you can enroll him in different clubs, engage private tutors, and bring him books and educational games that can help him develop and advance to greater and higher levels. But if the child is autistic and behind in his mental development, the only thing a parent can do is worry about his physical existence, his physical needs, hoping that one day his mind will awaken.

Everything depends on the deficiency of the student and this is a one way connection in that only the deficiency of the student opens up the teacher and obliges the teacher to open up and not to close himself. This is called the sorrow of raising children, when the teacher is forced to close himself according to the distance that the students keep from him.

This happens with every student and I have been through this in a very dramatic manner myself. We have to study this state too, in order to understand that we are responsible for everything. The revelation of the teacher and then the revelation of the Creator occur according to the student’s vessels, and according to how he has prepared himself in the work with the friends.

It is only through the connection with the friends that one can yearn for the teacher and through him, for the Creator. We have to find the common passion in this connection and then we find the right direction. Otherwise we don’t and the concealment doesn’t help us.

The teacher teaches you where and how to open an opening through which you can enter the Creator. Imagine that you suddenly discover some concealment in the air somewhere, right here, and by the hints that the teacher gives you (he will never tell you directly and clearly, don’t expect that) you understand how to open a hole in the air and enter.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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