So That You Will Not Forget The Gift Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Baal HaSulam, Letter 2: “Therefore, I shall advise you to evoke within you fear of the coolness of the love between us. And although the intellect denies this depiction, think for yourself, if there is a tactic by which to increase love and one does not increase, that too is considered a flaw.

It is like a person who gives a great gift to his friend. The love that appears in his heart during the act is unlike the love that remains in the heart after the fact. Rather, it gradually wanes each day until the blessing of the love can be entirely forgotten.

Thus, the receiver of the gift must find a tactic every day to make it new in his eyes each day. This is all our work, to display love between us, each and every day, just as upon receiving….”

From the side of the Elyon (Upper) nothing has changed from the beginning of creation, throughout all of the points in the process of evolution to the end of creation. Everything develops only according to our perception, so that we will gather all of these points during our development and in each of these points we discover Ein Sof, absolute love, “there is none else besides Him,” that He is the good that does good, and that besides this there is nothing but adherence with the beloved.

There are no changes in the attitude of the Creator towards us, and what we must achieve is that our attitude towards Him will also not change. So if a person sometimes feels the sudden emotion of love within himself, he should know that this comes to him as an example. And now he must awaken that same feeling in himself through the environment, study, and prayer by investing all of his energy and using all means for the sake of it.

He must focus all of his attention only on this one thing, for we must reach this love, not sometime later, but at each and every moment discover it within us. At every moment, we need to try to feel the love within us, using all means of belonging to adhesion with the Creator. We must be found in an incessant inclination like this, for at every moment our feelings change and we are constantly required to renew them again and again. That is how we adhere to the means that connect us with the Creator and then connect with the Creator through them with connections of love.

A person must remember all of his thoughts and emotions, renewing the memories associated with discovering the connection, the love, and the devotion. This is called making a covenant with the Creator. Forgetfulness comes to a person all the time, yet he must always renew his feelings and return to that love. According to the example that is given to him from above, he must try to reach the same devotion from below.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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