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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said: “Buy faith from the Rav (Teacher) and follow him. And you pray that you have the spirit like the Rav does. This is how spirituality is bought.” What does this mean?

Answer: The belief in the teacher means believing in what he says and performing his recommendations without questions.

Everything I say, I say for you. Anyone who hears and accepts this is advancing.

I do not have any claims to those who refuse to listen to me; it is their own business. But if you want to be tied to me and follow me, you must listen to what I say.

Because on the spiritual path your eyes will always be closed, you will always follow me. They will be opened when you ascend to your next degree, and you will be rising to your next degree with the eyes closed again. This is called “faith above reason.”
From the Convention in Sochi, Lesson 4

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  1. I’m listen to my teahcher because who know the way better from me

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