Choose What’s Best, Choose Life!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator gives us a choice and says: “Choose what’s best, choose life.” What is our choice?

Answer: We have to understand what is best for us. There are only two options we can choose from: either for myself or for the sake of others through the Creator.

“Choose life!” Life refers to spiritual life and to the existence in the attribute of bestowal.

This is what we are advancing to through a lengthy search, coming across small lowly matters until we go through all our ego to its very bottom, until we reach the lowest, most contemptible states, until we are actually immersed in self-mire and do not cease to be ashamed of it. It is because the Creator doesn’t lead us to justify ourselves but that we will justify Him by recognizing the opposite attribute that He has, the soul.

Choosing life means that in contrast to all the attributes, phenomena, and negative events, we will be able to recognize the Creator’s oneness and wholeness, His uniqueness, and will be connected to Him both on the good side and on the evil side by understanding that everything stems only from Him.

This means that the adhesion to Him is above pain or pleasure and we should feel that it makes no difference at all if we get joy from Him or not. The main thing is that it stems from Him. Our goal is to ascend above the ego in adhesion with the Creator.

We mustn’t fear that. The group has to support each other by understanding every friend, no matter what happens to him, no matter what ascents or descents he has, no matter what happens with each of us. All this is necessary only so that we will exit our ordinary egoistic corporeal system of events and value not the person but the Creator’s actions that are displayed by the friend.

Although not everyone fully understands this yet, we are already close to a state that we can go through this. Our getting closer is possible because now the gathering of our mutual feelings and mutual understandings are taking place in us since the Creator is doing that with us. Thus, we can begin to feel everyone as one single huge whole, the soul , which actually reconstructs and fulfills itself this way.
From the Convention In Toronto “Day One” 8/4/14, Meal 1

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