A Mature World View

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes an uncontrollable hatred against outsiders pops up in me, especially doctors. You teach that we need to look at everyone through the prism of the Creator, especially regular people. 

But the thought that the Creator is standing behind them is really erased by my ego that wants to “kill” them. How must one work with this?

Answer: This is a childish view; it is an immature, incomplete, and narrow view of the world.

When you say that “the Creator is standing behind them,” you imagine some kind of omnipotent person. You don’t perceive this in the form of a natural law, the accommodation of two natural forces.

In fact, the Creator doesn’t exist. There are two forces of nature that portray all of creation for us. We must find such a form in mutual relationships, a formula within us in which we feel mutually connected and in absolutely harmony with others. This state is called the “Creator.”

If we don’t attain the characteristic of these two forces, don’t connect them, and don’t accept harmony between them, we don’t know what the Creator is. In this case He doesn’t exist.

So it is necessary to look at the world as something that the two forces portray for us. Then the hatred will not appear within you.

Do I have hatred for our neighbors around Israel who are bombing us? On the contrary, I say that we are guilty since we have not taken advantage of the possibilities that have been given to us. But I don’t have hatred towards them. Well, who are they anyway? In principle they are performers and have no other function.

This is how it is necessary to look at doctors who deliberately destroy their patients. That is how the egoistic force is revealed in them and they have no freedom here at all here. I have seen doctors who sacrificed patients who still could have been saved, only because it was profitable to do so. It’s all egoistic manifestations.

So, you simply need to grow up a bit.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, lesson 6

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