The Ten Commandments Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you explain the meaning of the ten commandments that were given on Mt. Sinai and that should be repeated every day, now, before Shavuot, which symbolizes the giving of the Torah?

Answer:  First of all, the ten commandments symbolize the desires in which we are connected to one another. It is only about connection.

The giving of the Torah takes place at the foot of the mountain only after the people accept the condition of mutual guarantee as one man in one heart. This means that we understand that there is a mountain of our ego above us and that we can ascend this mountain only with one point in the heart. This point is called Moses since it pulls us out of our ego.

Mt. Sinai is enormous, like the tower of Babel and even larger. We are at the bottom of the mountain ready to stand around this mountain of our ego. That is, we agree to connect all the parts of our private egoism into one mountain and not to fear it although it is a mountain of hate. We need to yearn for connection even though the only goal of our ego is to resist connection.

When we connect this way, we demand the revelation of the power of bestowal in our connection. It is because the inclination for connection is the spiritual vessel, the deficiency for mutual bestowal, as it is written, “From the love of the creatures to the love of the Creator.” Thus, we accept the condition of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14, Shamati #66 “The Giving of the Torah”

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