Concern For The Newborn Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to try hold ourselves within one Kli (vessel), a general boat, and constantly think about the existence of this Kli, of our mutual baby. It is as if you have a daughter who got married and now lives far away from you, and you constantly worry about the baby she gave birth to.

You think about him being in the hands of silly and frivolous children, who are lazy and don’t care for him as they should. You suffer from this and can’t see how they treat him. Your heart is torn when you hear his crying on the phone when they call you. You are full of concern.

There are those kinds of worries in life, i.e., worrying about the welfare of someone outside yourself. And in this way we need to worry about the group.

Question: It turns out that I have to work not with the friends, who are fine with the group, but with those who want to leave the group and thus harm our unity, harm our collective boat?

Answer: Yes, but only if previously they were aimed toward unity. However, if they heard that one has to unite and immediately ran away, then it was before any commitments to Arvut (mutual guarantee). In the meantime, they are not called friends.

Friends are only those who work for the attainment of Arvut (mutual guarantee). And the others don’t.

Comment: But we know that this is hard work, and many run away in the middle of the path.

Answer: It isn’t in the middle, since they, after all, haven’t even begun. They saw the beginning of the path, understood that it wasn’t for them and left.

Question: So why did they come if it they didn’t have a “point in the heart?”

Answer: Everyone has a point in the heart, but in the meantime it doesn’t burn in such a way that a person needs to invest all of himself in it. But if they were already part of this connection, and left, then one needs to fix the gap that was left through our even greater and stronger connection.

Question: Should such people return?

Answer: You are not able to force them to return because there is no coercion in spirituality.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/2/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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