Accumulative Clarification

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to say that a workshop is a conversation without arguments?

Answer: A workshop is an “accumulative clarification” where everyone adds to clarify the answer, the problem, the phenomenon, with the power of connection.

For every problem there is a key, which is called the wisdom of the crowd, where through taking an average of a large number of answers, a correct solution emerges, despite the fact that all of the answers were not correct. So let’s solve our problems with the help of the wisdom of the crowd, the wisdom of the group.

If we don’t argue with each other, but gather together our knowledge and sense of unity, then we suddenly begin to discover a unique phenomenon within our connection. In this way we clarify a particular problematic question or phenomenon that becomes understandable.

This is because the connection is found above us and gives us additional wisdom, an additional I.Q. Suppose that everyone had an I.Q. of 100. From the connection of five, in sum we have 500. But through our connection, the result is 1000. That is how the connection between people works. There are experiments that confirm this phenomenon called collective intelligence.

Question: Is the wisdom of the crowd revealed only in a good connection at the time of the workshop or can there be disputes?

Answer: The wisdom of the crowd cannot be revealed during an argument, for there will not be a connection between opinions. Only when all of the opinions are connected do we attain the higher knowledge.

In arguments we don’t reach agreement between people. Someone simply surrenders due to all kinds of different reasons, but he doesn’t complete you. While in a workshop we complete each other.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/14

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