Russians Do Not Want To Be Independent

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow): “Analysis showed that the average Russian, in comparison with people of other countries, demonstrates more pronounced values ​​of safety and self-affirmation and less pronounced values ​​of openness, innovation, creativity, freedom and independence, risk, fun and pleasure.

“The worse are the values of caring about people and nature. Russians are not able to combine care and equality, care and openness. Concern for others, openness and independence occupies last place.

“Russians tend to be conservative, dreaming of power and wealth; the rules of life are unimportant for them. They are not ready for socio-positive conformism and independent activity. The most common type of Russians are those who have not expressed a certain value; they prefer the value of preservation.

“The values ​​of openness, independence and caring for others in Russia are 1%.

“Russians are leaders in adherence to the egoistic, individualistic values, which contradict the stereotype that Russians have a strong sense of collectivism. Paternalism is expressed in high-value of security and low value of independence. The values show high stability and do not change much over the years. Commitment to the values ​​does not mean adherence to them in practice.

“Thirty percent show a tendency to punish the generous! If in other countries 20% of people punish more greedy ones, in Russia 15% punish the more generous. The reason is competitiveness, the desire to win, beat, be first. Society in Russia tends to consume, but it is not development, but an adaptation method that does not require efforts.”

My Comment: The study is relevant only at this stage of the “development” of civilization, and the crisis will further “equalize” everyone. Now the winner is the one who will base the correction of society on the method of Integral Education and the wisdom of connection.

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