I Will Recognize You Behind Any Mask

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person must reach a life of bestowal. The force then enables us to do this is called the Torah or the Light. The Light operates on our desire, that doesn’t want to change, especially qualitatively, not quantitatively. After all, the most important thing is to constantly improve the quality, penetrating more and more deeply, focusing ourselves more and more on the benefit of others, and then instead of others, on the benefit of the Creator.

The changes have to be qualitative, and they take place by the Light that Reforms, which is called the Torah. The Light operates on the desire that realizes it doesn’t want bestowal. But I take a special position by ascending above the desire, and I see that it constantly pulls me downward.

I, on the other hand, ask the Upper Light, the Torah, the Light that Reforms, the upper force, to help me not drown in my own ego, which constantly tries to get a hold of me and pull me in different directions. One time it pulls me towards one external engagement and another time towards another, constantly distracting me so that I forget about the Creator.

I have to find out who is sending me these impediments, who is the enemy that constantly confuses me, the pest, the adversary that hides in the flood water and tries to drown me. But suddenly I discover that this adversary is the Creator. He is the one hiding under this mask playing with me so that I will ask and demand His help. He causes me harm by His posterior so that I will want to see His face.

This is the only way I work, and then I begin to realize that there is only one force, the Creator, who turns either with His face or His posterior to me, and it is with Him that I actually communicate. If I detach myself from the Creator, I engage with His posterior, and if I connect to Him, I am in contact with His face.

There is nothing other than that. The group, humanity, everything that happens, is the mechanism of my connection with the Creator.

The main thing is to feel our connection with the Creator and the way His presence, the Light of His face, helps us reconnect to Him. After all, this is the only thing we should work on. The next moment, He will harden our heart some more with His posterior and we will have to clarify this state again. Ultimately, thanks to our mutual guarantee and these reminders, we will remember that we have to turn to the Creator and to hold on to Him since only in Him will our hearts rejoice.

This is how we advance and this path is called the path of the Light, the path of the Torah. Learning from our experience as we advance along this path is called studying the Torah. We learn how the Light, called the Torah, comes to us and how, according to our request, it pulls us out of our state time after time.

Thus we learn by our ascents and descents, like it says: “The Torah will come from Zion (stemming from the root word ‘Yetsi’ah’ –  ‘exit’ in Hebrew).” It is actually from the exits, from the descents, that the Torah comes, since thanks to them we can rediscover the strongest Light and go through all the books of the Torah.

The method of attaining bestowal, the attribute of the Creator, and merging with Him is the fulfillment of loving others like yourself. It is enough to keep away all the problems in the connection with the Creator. After all, initially there was one vessel that was filled with one Light.

The Light and the vessel were united, but this state was shattered. If we put all the parts of the shattered vessel together again with the help of the Light, we will attain the Light that filled us and which kept us together once again. Then we will become one vessel again in which the one Light, the one Creator, will reside. So our correction is about loving others like ourselves, and thanks to this, we reach the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun).
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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