Symbol Of The Current Reality: The Question Mark

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity must first get to know itself on the level of the still, the vegetative, and then the animate level of nature. Therefore, we have to exist as animals first, and then as people in this world, we began to develop industry, commerce, technology, and science, so that eventually we would understand that all this doesn’t work and that we will not decipher the meaning of life this way.

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We engage in something down here on this earth: adults, children, and animals.  That’s the way we live, but what is this life for? Is there anything beyond this life? This is what we begin to ask when we grow and go through several phases and ages of evolution and we find no answer.

Eventually we reach a crisis that pressures us through troubles and problems. It doesn’t only affect people and human society but also the still level, the environment, plants, and animals. All the problems reach us through them.

We reach a state in which we ask about the meaning of life, not out of curiosity, or a desire to discover our upper source—where we came from and why—but simply out of despair and the desire to receive pleasure in this empty life that brings us no joy.

Humanity advances and reaches a general crisis that pressures us and obliges us to ask questions: What is this life about? Why do we live this way? We all know that when life goes by without any troubles or worries, we don’t ask many questions. But the moment we encounter problems, we immediately begin to ask.

Thus we realize that we have no choice and that we have to connect in order to know the meaning of life, just as the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us. If we put the pieces of the puzzle together, we will understand what is going on in and behind the picture itself, who manages and supports it, and why He does all that.

Kabbalists penetrate this picture and ascend above time. They tell us that everything depends on the attainment of the Creator. The only problem in this life is attaining the Creator, looking for Him, making contact with Him, discovering Him, understanding Him, and being in direct dialogue with Him. I turn to the Creator, He answers, turns to me, and I understand what He wants from me.

If we attain this state, all our problems will be solved. We will understand what is going on and how to manage everything. The main thing is that we will know how to ascend above this life to an upper level. But in order to do that, we have to reveal the Creator. So the current crisis is only meant to bring us to that.

We think that it is a crisis, but the word “crisis” in Greek means rebirth. So we shouldn’t take this crisis so dramatically, but rather expect it to bring us to a new beginning, as long as we understand and know how to relate to it.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 3

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