Enchanted By The Sacred

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe whole world is arranged so as to help us to reach spirituality. We pass through incarnations from generation to generation in order to reach the time of realization and spirituality.

The entire purpose of our world, everything that happens in it, the nature we receive and develop through time,  is also directed only towards this. All the personal and collective troubles and problems that appear at every moment are designed to push us towards spirituality.

But how do we reach this? It is impossible to reach this through troubles only. First of all, it is necessary to define precisely what corporeality is and what spirituality is, because people are mistaken about this. Corporeality is called yearning for personal benefit, and spirituality is called yearning for the benefit of others, including the Creator. This definition must always be in front of me in a simple, clear and concrete form.

We are not ready to act for the good of others, and this is done intentionally so that we will yearn for help. This means that we want to go out of our desire  of in order to receive, and we want to reach in order to bestow. This is not because in order to receive is bad and in order to bestow is good. Otherwise we would simply be exchanging one egoistic goal for another, and both would be corporeal.

We need to want spirituality because it is a great, unique, and higher characteristic with which we feel a special reverent attitude. We want spirituality because in and of itself it suddenly became important to us. There is some kind of grace in this called the “grace of the sacred.”

We don’t look for spirituality for benefit and profit, since this profit gradually disappears. Through some kind of action from Above we begin to be changed and to feel that spirituality is important to us and that there is some kind of attractive force within it. We want to be found in bestowal, not in order to be released from problems, but out of respect for this characteristic.

So why is this way so difficult? Why don’t we attain bestowal? Why isn’t this characteristic given immediately and completely, rather than it being necessary to go towards this for a long time and receiving only a little each time? Why do we get squeezed and scraped  so much? All this is so that at every stage of the way, we always require help and must turn to communicate with the Creator.

Just as in the beginning we exchange corporeality for spirituality, so afterward, we exchange spirituality for the Creator. This is because attaining spirituality is so important to me, but contact with the Creator is so important to us. And this is truly the reason for the long path and the reality in which we are found.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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