Turning The EU Into A Superpower

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Anton Nevzlin): “Adopting the EU presidency from Greece, which was marked by a complete failure and lack of coordination in the international arena, Italy attempts to give back Europeans the faith in the power of the Old Continent.

“Italy intends to show Europe a new perspective of more intensive unification, which should result in a pan-European state, with uniform bodies of supreme power – “only a strong and united Europe is a solution in the light of the challenges of our time.”

“We need a lighter Europe – with simple rules that everyone will recognize, according to the principle of ancient Rome “E Pluribus Unum” (“One out of many” is also a phrase on the Seal of the United States).

“The idea of ​​a powerful new Europe will remain at the level of rhetoric, but this is what all the Europeans need now. Sociological studies show that in connection with the events in Ukraine, the residents of united Europe were somewhat demoralized. As it turned out, an economically powerful association with a population of over 500 million people had nothing to counter Russia. Many fear that in the event of a more serious conflict, Europe would be powerless.”

My Comment: This is, of course, an egoistic intention to gain an advantage over the other, possibly at their expense, and also against other countries, because the unification of the EU is not for the sake of further unity around the world. So, this unification might give the EU some temporary advantage, but in the longer term, it will return like a boomerang and destroy the EU.

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