First Steps

Dr. Michael LaitmanMost important is the relationship of a person to concealment, to darkness, even though the darkness is very exhausting. It is precisely according to the attitude toward the darkness that closeness to revelation is determined, not the attitude toward the Light, to the time when you are in ascent.

At the time of ascent, everyone wants to go forward, as if they just got a shot of energy. The main thing is when in darkness, losing strength, taste, and desire, to nevertheless you organize yourself at this stage in order to be Domem de Kedusha (still level of holiness). You are now given the opportunity to manage your Kelim (vessels) by yourself, as much as possible.

In ascent, in the elevation of mood when the goal illuminates and attracts a person and pushes him forward, he doesn’t advance through his own powers. It is from within the darkness and the descents,specifically from the departures: For out of Zion shall go forth the law (Isaiah 2:3, Micah 4:2), that you require the Light that Reforms, which is called Torah.

Then, you say, Thou hast made the LORD who is my refuge (Psalms 91:9), meaning that the Creator covers you. You begin to see a higher mercy  in this darkness because it conceals you from those physical pleasures, which you would have pursued and forgotten about holiness. And so concealment comes, and from this concealment, you need to draw the importance of spirituality inside yourself and to work on it.

Now, you are given the opportunity to discover yourself, like a child whom they stand up and let take his first steps alone. There is no choice but to try to take these steps alone, for they are for your own good. You must understand that all the concealment prepared for you by the Creator is only for your own good.

Certainly it is impossible to do this alone. It is best if you get to some meal, event, or dissemination activity where you join with others. This is a wonderful remedy that acts faster and better than anything. The main thing is not to remain alone at this time; you should schedule participation and integration into all kinds of events and activities in order to get out of the descent as quickly as possible with the help of others.

For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways (Psalms 91:11), and in the darkness that is sent to you, you must believe that everything is arranged by the Creator. However, you specifically are given free choice within this state. The Creator is seemingly concealed and removed. This gives a person the opportunity to act and participate independently in a state of O thou that dwellest in the covert of the Most High (Psalms 91:1), meaning in single concealment.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/14

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