Tango: One Step Forward,Two Steps Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  Why can we only advance in concealment, but on the other hand, concealment is a bad?

Answer: Concealment is not a bad state because it allows me to reveal the Creator by myself. It is written: “There isn’t a place that is vacant of Him,” but for me there is such a place because the Creator is concealed from me. And I have to behave as if I am in a state of revelation.

The difference between concealment and revelation is that the revelation determines what I do, leaving me no choice. On one hand, it is a good thing because it doesn’t require any effort, like a car that rolls down the mountain without fuel.

This is of course, very convenient for me, but should I be happy about such simplicity or should I be happy that I can add my own effort in order to adhere to the Creator? Is He the only One who contributes to our adhesion or do I also add my part?

Question: How does the concealment become a desirable state that allows me to tighten the connection with the concealed?

Answer: Everything depends on the preparation. In the state of concealment I am given the opportunity to resemble the Creator, like a baby who is left alone in the middle of a room so that he will make his first step. But he cries and doesn’t want to move, complaining that he has been left alone, like a person shouting: “Why have you forsaken me?” But it is actually from this state that he begins to advance.

Otherwise he cannot resemble the Creator, that is, want to resemble Him and to ask for the help of the Light that will give him the power and will format him in a certain image so that he will resemble the Creator.

If I forget where everything comes from, it is a sign that neither I nor the group are properly prepared, and that both the group and I have to make sure that we are prepared. Everything is arranged that way so that I only need to arrange what depends on me. It is like a tango: one step forward, one step back; one time the Creator makes a move and one time I make a move, and thus it continues, each one in his turn.

However, if I don’t make a move on my part, it is a problem and the Creator is compelled to somehow complete my movement. Then He has to turn me by force in the right direction so that I will understand which movement I lack and so that I will make it the next time.

It turns out that if I don’t participate in the concealment properly, the Creator performs the action instead of me, but a double action. I have to descend to a lower level in order to penetrate more deeply into the concealment so that I will still want to get out of it.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/14

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