Return From Double Concealment

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe advice from Kabbalists is meant to remind us of the “advantage of Light from the darkness,” that we have the power for this despite the fact that I feel bad in my heart on every level of my advancement, and only during withdrawal will I feel good inside my ego.

So I need to be equipped with the support of the environment. In a bad state when I fall to the domination of the broken desires, the evil inclination, the egoistic intention, I cannot do anything and it is only the environment that operates on me.

This is another outcome of the shattering of the vessels: the division of one vessel into many parts. Now the work can be done in many vessels, in a certain order of one following the other. Thanks to that, I can support others, provide support for myself, and thus advance.

If a person is equipped with the support of the environment, the environment operates on him, especially when he loses his strength. If a person doesn’t prepare the support of the environment, he has nothing to rely or count on. Nothing will help him to awaken, to put the right data into his mind and heart together with the feeling of the shattering. Then he will have nothing but the feeling of the shattering, he will simply fall, cry, or even leave the group and the spiritual path.

In easier states the Creator sends a person a state of double concealment. Then when a person feels bad, he doesn’t remember that it all stems from the Creator, that he should overcome this concealment, and that he totally drowns in the bad feeling. Then he is irritated by everyone and wants to leave everything. But he doesn’t leave yet since he understands that he has no choice and there is nowhere he can escape to. This is called double concealment, but not complete detachment from the Creator yet, since in detachment, a person becomes totally “free” from spirituality.

After the double concealment, a person is somehow brought back if he has invested his strength in the group. Then he is somehow reminded that there is a purpose to life, that it is still worthwhile to work since everything else passes and disappears but this goal, which is eternal, and a person must attain it no matter what, so he returns.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/23/14

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