The World Is Tired Of Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Economist): “Faith in democracy flares up in moments of triumph, such as the overthrow of unpopular regimes in Cairo or Kiev, only to sputter out once again. Outside the West, democracy often advances only to collapse. And within the West, democracy has too often become associated with debt and dysfunction at home and overreach abroad.

Adjusting to hard times will be made even more difficult by a growing cynicism towards politics. Party membership is declining across the developed world: only 1% of Britons are now members of political parties compared with 20% in 1950. Voter turnout is falling, too: a study of 49 democracies found that it had declined by 10 percentage points between 1980-84 and 2007-13. A survey of seven European countries in 2012 found that more than half of voters ‘had no trust in government’ whatsoever. A YouGov opinion poll of British voters in the same year found that 62% of those polled agreed that ‘politicians tell lies all the time.’

Many Chinese are prepared to put up with their system if it delivers growth. The 2013 Pew Survey of Global Attitudes showed that 85% of Chinese were ‘very satisfied’ with their country’s direction, compared with 31% of Americans. 

Wang Jisi, also of Beijing University, has observed that ‘many developing countries that have introduced Western values and political systems are experiencing disorder and chaos’ and that China offers an alternative model.”

My Comment: The egoistic stages of human development have gone through five stages of evolutionary development and had exhausted themselves by the beginning of the 21st century, and now push humanity to the new stage, altruism, i.e., they need to be replaced by the new stages of development, by the five steps of the property of bestowal and love.

Awareness of the necessity of this rise is problematic because it presupposes the need to admit oneself below nature, to obey its integrality and globality, and to learn how to reach similarity with it (adhesion with it).

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  1. It is now time. Stand together.

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