From The Least To The Greatest Of Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What if I don’t succeed in dissemination?

Answer: This is a good indicator of exile showing you that you have not yet attained your correct realization. We advance only through awareness of our mistakes.

But there cannot be something like this, that the least talented person in the world could not convince the entire world with the method of connection and unity. This is because we are in an integral system. So even the simplest person, who apparently has no chance of anyone hearing him, has such chances that he must realize.

Through awareness of the integral system, everyone must reach a state where through his personal part of the collective soul Light will begin to transmitted to the entire great system. So he will need to be connected and integrated with his heart and mind to the entire system to be able convince everyone that the correction of the collective Kli is possible only in this way, as he understands and feels this.

It is written in Jeremiah 31:33 “…for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them!” We don’t understand the absoluteness of this requirement. Therefore, it cannot be that a person is not ready to convince others of the correctness of our path.

If you don’t succeed in convincing others, this is a sign that you have not yet convinced yourself, meaning you have not yet precisely clarified these concepts within yourself and you have doubts. In the meantime, you are not prepared to convey the feeling of connection in your own way so that people will absorb this from you.

Even the knowledge of the is also Light. There is nothing besides Light and desire. But in the meantime, you cannot organize yourself within so that you can connect with people and let them feel this illumination. Dissemination, as it is called, is when you absorb people into yourself. That is how you organize and arrange your Kli. so that it is impossible that you don’t reach people with your explanations about the crisis, about the present state of the world, about the group, about the goal.

For you have been connected into one system from the start. And if you approach your right place within this system, you will be sure to have an influence on others. It is impossible to according to the principles of the work within the system in any other way.

You must improve their situation, attract them, and incorporate them within you. They need to want to be integrated with you, because they will feel that they are receiving and will continue to receive fulfillment through you.

It is simply necessary to work more. This is difficult and incessant work, like raising your child, you invest in him for 20 to 30 years and don’t stop having problems. But there is nothing else to do. That is how life is and this is how the process of correction works.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/14, The Book of Zohar

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