The Rhythm Of Life Between Reception And Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the benefit of discovering the Creator?

Answer: If we were not to feel a desire to live, to receive pleasure, understanding, knowledge, and to improve our condition, then even this question would not exist. I require the Creator for my own good.

Question: But this cannot be the ultimate goal.

Answer: Why not? I am a desire to receive; I have nothing more than this. Therefore, I am not ready to wish for anything besides good and plenty. And so by searching for the most good, I discover that there exists a source for the good, the Creator or the Light. Apparently I am built such that the best state for me is when He fills me. Here is where the game begins, why am I filled? Am I filled so it will be good for me or so that it will be good for the Creator?

Suppose that I am doing this for my own sake. In that case my fulfillment will be very small. I will be just like an infant that is satisfied and full, lying down without moving, full of pleasure. This is because all movement is a search for pleasure and in this state he lacks nothing. Even the still is above this; it protects itself, and here even protection is superfluous.

The Creator doesn’t want us to be in this state, for this is a very small level. Therefore, He arranges everything so that we will not be satisfied with fulfillment of the self; rather, it is so that we can fulfill Him, as if He needed it. More precisely, we can be fulfilled for His sake. This adds more and more endless new fulfillments to us all the time, and as a result of this, we feel alive.

You feel a little hunger and a little satiation, and again hunger and satiation, and so on, again and again. That is the way life flows all the time and you don’t freeze, you don’t stop on the primitive level of self-satisfaction that fills you up to the end without leaving any deficiency. On the other hand, if the Malchut of Infinity had not made a restriction (Tzimtzum) and had filled all of the vessels to the end, it would disappear and return to the beginning point of something from nothing (Yesh mi Ain).

For this reason, the Creator created everything in such a form that we must be like Him, become someone who bestows. While we are a desire to receive, at the same time, we want to bestow and we “oscillate” between reception and bestowal, constantly increasing the range. This gives us the opportunity for limitless development and with it we feel an adventure, true pleasure. We enjoy both hunger and filling, for from the start even our hunger is directed towards the good of the other. Therefore, I enjoy love from two sides, both from the side of Din (judgment) and from the side of Rachamim (mercy).

Question: How can one truly want this?

Answer: These distinctions arrive with the help of the Light. It illuminates us to the degree of our accommodation to it, to the degree that we resemble it. And we begin to resemble it with the help of work with the friends in a group.

Try to help them and you will feel the resistance. Don’t agree with this resistance in order to bestow to them, and then to the degree of your effort, you will awaken the Light that Reforms.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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