Labor On Writing The Letters Of The Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the worlds, the Partzufim, and the Sefirot are revealed in the connection between us. All this begins from a level of an embryo in which a person treats everyone as if he himself does not exist. It’s like the restriction, self-annulment. The ego is restricted as if it doesn’t exist and thus a person is incorporated in his environment like an embryo in his mother.

This doesn’t happen all at once since first a person has to go through the three days of the absorption of the semen. Self-annulment isn’t enough here since it’s only a way not to disturb the upper. However, in order to be incorporated in Him and to become an embryo who adheres to the wall of the womb, I have to go through the three days of the absorption of the semen. Although I restrict myself, I have to take the three forms of the ascent, the right line, the left line, and the middle line. I annul myself before them too and accept the domination of the upper.

The upper is the group for me. We don’t look for the upper somewhere up in Heaven but only in our environment. The environment can treat me well or badly, but it doesn’t matter. I am ready to annul myself before it with regard to everything that happens, as long as I am adhered to the group in faith above reason, and understand that this is my upper level. The Creator turns to me through the friends.

Thus the three days of the absorption of the semen go by and if I am ready to annul myself before the group, I continue to develop. This also requires self-annulment. The embryo constantly annuls itself, but by that I begin to feel the influence of the group. The friends may not feel what they give me, like the example of Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma and his students, but I receive true spiritual discernments through the whole world, through everything that surrounds me.

After the first forty days, I reach the level of Bina. This period is called the forty days of the creation of the embryo since from that moment onward I begin to take on the form of the future human being. Bina draws the first form of the Creator for me. Thus, the period of the development of the spiritual embryo continues with all the fillings that he receives. The main thing is to constantly annul ourselves during this period. The more I annul myself on top of my ego, the more filling I receive. My filling is my inner struggle, overcoming my ego, which turns into the letters of the work.

My letters of the work, which means my filling, are added to the form of HaVaYaH. My desire begins to bend in order to accept the form of the future human being. Thus we begin our spiritual path.

I believe that the example of the mother who teaches her children to be good and to play nicely and follow the grownups’ example is a very good example. If we want to become the one who resembles the Creator, we have to follow His example. The Creator is good and benevolent, and I also have to prove that I am good to people. If I really yearn for that, I will discover an increasingly greater inner resistance on part of my nature to that, and by overcoming it, I will begin to reveal the Creator.

We learn about the Creator from our evil inclination and don’t receive any readymade form from Above. The form, the filling of the letters, is actually the letters! We build ourselves into the Creator by our desires, by our self-annulment and self-submission, and by yearning to resemble the Creator more and more above our ego, which wants the opposite.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/14

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