Sellers Shouldn’t Govern

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Anatoly Wasserman, writer, political consultant, scholar): “The concept of liberalism considers only dualistic relationships between individuals, not taking into account that further interactions affect each other.

“The desire to be limited by dualistic interactions is connected to the fact that the liberalistic concept is commercial. Production and trade are considered parts of a single process, but they constantly compete. You cannot sell what is not yet made, and it makes no sense to produce something that obviously will not be sold – from this point of view, the process is really unified.

“But in every confrontation, the position of sellers is stronger than manufacturers’ positions: $1- to the inventor, $10 – to the maker, $100 – to the seller. When the market is on the rise, the confrontation is small because there is something to share. But in bad times, sellers stifle manufactures to secure a greater prosperity for themselves.”

My Comment: It is necessary to eliminate the process of trade and to develop industry on a scale that allows equal distribution of essential products and services.

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