The Actual Task

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is our task today?

Answer: The task today is to think about how to construct a spiritual womb and fetus at each and every moment with all the friends together, in other words, building the state of pregnancy. We need to clarify for ourselves which intentions, efforts, and types of connection between us are required to construct the womb and by means of which efforts and types of connection between us do we construct the fetus.

And likewise, it’s necessary to understand what kind of a gap there must be between the womb and the fetus. By means of what will it continue to grow all the time? For the size of this gap determines the influence of the Surrounding Light on us; to the degree that the higher seems greater to us and to the degree that I am lowlier, so the Light that Reforms acts on me more strongly.

Within the Surrounding Light there are Sefirot and many types of Lights that influence us and build us from all various kinds of forms. From the start, we use a material which is formless, unshaped desire. This is like our physical body that is constructed from stem cells that later begin to connect and build various body parts: hands, feet, brain, heart, liver, lungs, and so forth.

They begin to form very complex connections, receiving from the mother all kinds of functions and types of work, to be able to take care of themselves within their body. Previously, the mother supplied blood for the fetus; whereas, now its heart begins to work and after this all the body parts become included in the work, except for the lungs. The fetus begins to function as a living body. Only a few systems are left which are inactive. Afterward we will learn why they are active only after birth.

It has already been proven through research that the fetus sees the world through the tissues of the mother. They turn on a light from the outside and the fetus knows and reacts to this. Don’t you remember how you blinked your eyes when you were in the uterus of the mother?

Therefore, one should not underestimate the level of the fetus and think that this is just self-nullification. Everything depends on this, on which levels I nullify myself and accordingly add a multitude of observations. The Light of Infinity comes to me, but within me all kinds of levels of stages of desire are awakened from zero to 4 degrees. And to the degree that I nullify my desire in order to remain a fetus, I enter into cooperation with the Upper Light of Infinity in each and every part.

Besides breathing, which belongs to the level of Bina and above, all the rest of the levels begin to work even before birth. A fetus is a very wise level, this is the foundation for the entire continued development of all the levels. Everything begins from the still level, meaning from the fetus.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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