Building The Upper World Brick By Brick

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have said that this will be a very special year in dissemination. How can we strengthen one another and the connections with the groups? How can we make people who have no experience in disseminating feel confident?

Answer: It seems that we are doing so many different things: studying, disseminating, and many other things, but most of these actions are in our intention and only dissemination actually requires practical actions. When we study, the main thing is our intention. In the workshops, the main thing is our intention. Everything is fulfilled through the intentions. Even the major part of dissemination, its inner part, is in creating the right intention.

The fulfillment itself will later seem very simple. We reach a certain group of people, explain to them what a certain type of connection is, and hold a workshop on this topic. It’s very much like the workshops we have between us, but not according to our tough rules, but just letting people express themselves and showing them some clips. After all, we teach them about the simple popular integral connection between people, integral education.

We don’t need to pressure and overload them with serious stuff. Most of the time people simply speak between them and we constantly hold on to the intention and perform inner clarifications. So we don’t need to feel pressured and to worry about the work of dissemination. We only need to get used to being in continuous clarifications and to keep building a structure inside us, brick by brick, the form of the upper world, of the spiritual world. Then we will feel how we stabilize ourselves, the group, the Creator, and the public day by day. A person should engage in this internal work 24 hours a day.

If I feel tired and I have some free time, I watch National Geographic, there are some very good programs there about animals. I see it and translate it to the language of Kabbalah, to my levels. It’s because all of reality is identical. It’s a replica of the upper worlds dressed on our world in which the same processes take place. Everything comes from Above and the difference is in the way it’s expressed. So I dress it on my expression. Sometimes it’s very interesting to see the parallels and to interpret these films.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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