It Is Difficult To Be An Adult

Opinion (Roman Nosikov, lawyer, journalist): “How to be a man correctly. How to develop such a great human quality as maturity. The world of the future is a world of powerful children, the children who never grow up. The human being acquires maturity by dealing with difficulties, in fight against evil. But evil and difficulties, troubles and misfortunes do not exist in today’s world.

“People do not understand how to respond to evil; they cannot even recognize it. People are engaged in free creativity, game, entertainment, powerful super-children. Humanity has forgotten about the dirt from which it has come. Humanity has turned into a child who does not care about the prose of life.

Comment (the author’s opinions): The main thing is the process of turning an infantile, spoiled person into a real human being. The problem is that a person is not his world outlook, not his humanism, nationality and set of tastes and preferences. The human being is a connection with his own kind. The human being is not a point. The human being is a line connecting the points.

Therefore, one cannot hide from people. This makes him less and less human. He begins to consider himself to be God.

The human being is not what he thinks of himself. The human being is his connection with others, his love and its manifestations.

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  1. What to do when a spoiled person won’t change himself ?

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