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Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael means “Yashar-Kel” (straight towards the Creator). This is a person who reacts to influence from the Creator within himself and is ready to react in regard to Him. The Creator sends the “burdening of the heart” to us and it is up to us to surmount this, and to the degree that we surmount it, we begin to enter into a connection above all the disturbances, above all the egoistic desires, above all the thoughts that weigh upon us and which don’t direct us towards equivalence of form with the Creator.

When we rise above these disturbances that the Creator sends, we are called Israel. And if we sink within the disturbances and yearn to alleviate our condition, to become as comfortable as possible at every moment, then we remain on the level of corporeal, material existence.

Eventually, after undergoing very many trials and disappointments, “A penny and a penny are gathered into a large amount,” into a higher level. And then we begin to feel that we won’t agree to continue life this way. It is clear that this development can only be by means of the Light that ultimately brings us to a state of Israel, the yearning “straight to the Creator.”

The states through which we pass accumulate. We must pass through a multitude of actions, which within our ego, we don’t agree and don’t want to endure patiently. For our ego we want everything to happen quickly and pleasantly; but according to the relation between Lights and Kelim, it doesn’t happen this way. This continues until the desire to receive ultimately decides to be transformed, changing to an intention “for the sake of bestowal.”

This is like a pendulum that goes up higher and higher in two directions until in the end, it transforms at the highest point, reaching an intention “for the sake of bestowal.” And then all of the movements forward and back, right and left, up and down, in all directions and in all forms, everything enters into the volume of the new Kli that receives an intention “for the sake of bestowal.”

Therefore it is said, “I labored and found.” We must invest maximal effort until we reach this finding. And the finding arrives from Above. Even just a moment before this it is impossible to know when it will happen. It is forbidden to reveal this secret and to talk about it, so that we don’t sweeten this period too much for a person whose ego must be restrained.

Baal HaSulam laughed about the complaints of his students and said, “I am happy about the wicked that are discovered”. I remember when I was studying with Rabash, I was angry and demanding and encountered a very dry response from him that did not seem appropriate from a person who loved me. I thought that the teacher hated me, so happy was he with my difficulties. That is how it really seemed to me in the beginning of the study in the first half year. He would simply laugh in my face in response to my complaints.

I was really furious because I had invested so much effort; I did everything that he required from me, and he wasn’t at all merciful to me. But all this was only not to weaken this feeling of bitterness and despair in me. This is because if we soften this feeling, the time is lengthened. There is nothing to do; we must bow our heads and continue to accumulate our overcoming.

It is true that it is possible to “get your world in an hour.” Our efforts can be gathered very quickly and we can suddenly reach revelation. And truly there are signs that we are very close to revelation. But the last effort has a unique quality. And all of the quality that is attained depends upon the connection between us, in its strength and directness. For this we must open ourselves maximally so that not one thought or desire will remain that we wouldn’t reveal to everyone. This is the way each must examine himself, both men and women.

The work of the women is different from the work of the men, it is earthier, and that of the men is more spiritual. The men are more connected with the Creator and the women among themselves, overcoming rejection. This requires much effort.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to this, for in general a person thinks that spirituality is something detached from life, that it is above this world. He forgets that the spiritual Kli within which the Creator is discovered is his link with the friends. If the link between us will be appropriate for the discovery of the Creator, then He will be revealed, and if it is not appropriate, then the Creator will not be revealed. Period!
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/14

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