Exceeding Human Powers

Dr. Michael LaitmanEfforts that are required for our advancement are beyond human powers because the desire to enjoy alone cannot free itself from egoism. However, we can act in a way that we move towards correction to the best of our ability in the circumstances that were prepared for us by the Light.

So far, our exertions are associated with our current level; that is, they are at still, vegetative, and animate levels. However, if we make all the necessary efforts at an animate level, the Upper Light will start influencing and changing us. The quantity of efforts needed will be breached and the Upper Light will finish the work as it is said: “applied efforts and found…”

However, if the Light rules everything there is and influences our desires, how can we possibly make any efforts, even the tiniest moves? There is nothing but the Light and the desire that opposes it. The third, additional force that allows us to act is a result of the shattering of the desire.

It means that there are multiple splinters of the desire around us that are detached from each other because of their egoistic nature. If we acted at our “level” and tried to become closer together with others, we would “change” under the influence of the Light. This world is the last and the lowest step in the Universe that allows us to act against our own will. That’s why one is able to unite with one’s friend as if they were brought closer together by the Light. This isn’t really real; desires do not change because of our actions, and yet our impact on the Light does change and that’s why the system works.

The miracle happens at the level of this world that is so low and minor that it is completely opposite to spirituality. On one hand, this world is totally detached from the spiritual realm; on the other hand, it presents to us a wonderful chance that allows us, through physical and external convergence and false actions to influence our internal desires. Our internal desires impact the Light that Reforms, which in its turn begins secretly influencing us until it truly changes our desire.

It means that even though we dwell in this world and have not advanced too far beyond monkeys, we still have an internal possibility to grab the end of a thread that is extended to us from Above, which will pull us out into the world of the Upper Light. If we use the remedies that are given to us and if we understand that they are granted to us from Above, we will trigger the vital awakening from below (itaruta de-letata) that will in its turn elicit the awakening from Above (itaruta de-leila).

To achieve it, all we need is a clear understanding of the sequence of work to be done: what exactly we have to achieve and what the Light actually is. This kind of understanding will protect us from making mistakes and from false expectations about salvation coming without our preliminary exertions and thinking that with time everything will be organized all by itself. One should never be misled to think that there are people who can easily overcome all stages, and who do not have to go through the “four hundred (400) years of exile.” They just don’t exist. We should keep in mind that we have to do everything ourselves and work hard to build a group, attain unity, and mutual guarantee and reveal the power of connection between us.

If we realize that we are given every possible remedy to achieve the result we aspire for, to implement the purpose of our life, we will not be despaired; rather, we will proceed with our work and achieve success. Besides, after all calculations are done, we will have to rise above the results and understand that the mere opportunity to apply efforts is in fact the reward we seek!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 11/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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