The Prayer To One’s Future Self

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is how quickly a person, having come to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is included in the real work. He could be there for a long time, listen to what is said, but not apply real effort, which is connection with others.

Perhaps, only after a long time, he finally begins to understand that the spiritual path is in connection in the group, and it is necessary to find the central point of this unity. After all, only there will he be worthy of contact with the Creator.

It will take a long time until he develops an idea about the concept of the Creator. After all, the Creator has no image, no form, not the slightest clue for us. The Creator is called the force of bestowal that is revealed in a person under certain conditions, which he has to reach by his own efforts. He needs to be suitable for the disclosure of this property. Only when it is manifested in a person can it be called the Creator, but not outside the person.

In essence, a person is impressed by the form which he himself will take in the future. He is drawn to the fact that it is revealed in him, that is, to him in the future. He must be very clear that nothing will change, except himself. He strives to his future form, addresses it with a prayer.

Therefore, it is said about this path, “I labored and found.” This does not mean that I remain the way I was and everything around me changes. The entire world, the entire reality is within a person, and only he changes. That is why, “I labored and found, believe.” It is impossible to come to this find without changing oneself. I “find” because I bring myself to the correct form due to the Light that Reforms and within myself reveal the common property of bestowal and love that is called the Creator.

It is impossible to achieve this without effort. And having applied efforts, I find because I make out of myself the basis on which the image of bestowal, the property of the Creator, can be discovered. This is the only way to advance. That is why efforts should be beyond human power; that is, I have to create a foundation, apply my efforts, but always wait for the Light that Reforms to change me, to prepare for the revelation of the property of bestowal and love. Then, it will be established in me and will begin to rule, changing myself in such a way that my entire mind and heart work in connection with my other parts that now seem to me foreign and separate from me.

That is, we need a proper definition of effort. That is why so much time passes from the moment a person comes to the group and begins to study until he begins to understand and feel that all the changes that must happen are in him, not on the outside. This change in approach, in perception of reality, in feeling that everything is inside him because the whole world is the imprint of his properties, and his spiritual vessel has to include in itself everything, that is, to be “integral.” Only then he will achieve his realization, when the entire creation is in him as his inseparable part. The entire still, vegetative, animate nature, and people are parts of his soul, and there is nothing else besides it.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/13

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