How Can We Reach The Gate Of Tears?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says that we have to reach the “Gate of Tears.” How can we be sure that we are not deceiving ourselves?

Answer: We will not be able to deceive ourselves because we are shaken so strongly from above that we will have to come to the Creator with the right request for spiritual salvation. We simply have to try as much as we can to perform all the requirements, to hasten the process of our evolution, and we will certainly reach it. I promise you since I know from my own experience how this method works.

This is how we develop. The majority of the people who participate in our development are advancing forward, and I hope that it will soon be revealed in us.

Today, when we read the Torah and other Kabbalistic books, it becomes clearer that we are on the right track. You begin to feel and to understand what it says in those books. So don’t worry, sooner or later you will begin to cry.

Tears is a feeling of powerlessness, a state of smallness (this is called the “Gate of Tears”), when it isn’t in my power to do anything and I understand that only the Creator can perform everything in my place.

Question: But how can I be sure that I have really reached that and that I am not deceiving myself?

Answer: Don’t worry, you will be given the chance to understand this. Do everything that is up to you, and then suddenly new states will be revealed to you. These are the new Reshimot (spiritual genes). When they are revealed, a person begins to have new feelings. Just advance forward and you will see how everything is revealed by itself.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 4

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