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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person open his desires before the friends on the corporeal level as well as on the spiritual level?

Answer: Everyone should feel that they are in their own family where you can be sure that no matter what happens, it is all yours. All the problems, the outbursts, the disagreements with the children or the spouse are all yours and you have to fix things no matter how difficult it is. So try to treat the friends that way and see; check your heart to see whether it is really inclined to respond that way, whether it has this inclination, and whether it is ready for that.

We must develop our connection until we reach the level of mutual guarantee. Mutual guarantee is when I am ready to respond this way to everything for the sake of everyone, like a mother with regard to her children. She is ready to be responsible and to provide her children with everything that they need. This is natural and everyone understands this in our ordinary life. This is why we live in the corporeal world. Later this world will disappear and we will see forces instead of bodies. This world is called fictitious because instead of forces and qualities, we feel the body as the still, vegetative, animate nature, and people, which are all matter. But later we will see that these are forces of receiving and bestowing.

This world is given to us so that we will be able to ascend from this lowest point without being forced to or pressured to from Above. If we could see the spiritual world, we would lose our freewill. We would want to do everything according to what we see. So the concealment helps us to be free and puts us in a state where we can grow freely.

Adults move away from children in order to allow them to do things independently. It is the same here as the Creator conceals Himself to a certain extent and helps us in different ways “behind the scenes.” He gives us clues by showing us exactly what is wrong and what needs to be corrected. Our job is to remember that we are constantly shown our deficiencies in a negative manner and to constantly try to change the negative to positive.

Then we will be grateful to the Creator for treating us this way and teaching us in different ways, showing us the picture of all our attributes in an opposite manner, in their negative form. We want to connect this negative picture with our attributes, desires, and thoughts and make them positive. This is why we are in a constant search.

This is called the work of the Creator, which is done on top of everything that surrounds us. If we regard all these things spiritually, it will be spiritual and it will become our spiritual world. It is said that “the Creator did not change its original action of creation.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/14

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