One-On-One Conversation

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery problem can be healed through the connection between us. This will be understood from the clarification of the shattering. After all, before the shattering, there was one desire under one screen. But since it wanted to receive more than was possible for the purpose of bestowal, the collective soul could not hold the immense Light and was shattered.

It was separated into small fragments of individual desires: into money, power, knowledge, and all kinds of things that are in each and every person. All of these desires lost the anti-egoistic screen, because of which, the specific fulfillment in each particular desire was not important to us, but for whom we work is.

This intention was a common screen that comprised all of the desires, characteristics, and inclinations, uniting them into a single whole. But after the screen disappeared, every desire, every inclination, every characteristic took on a life of its own even within the person, but mainly between people. Therefore we feel the separation between us.

It follows that none of us is evil by himself! All the evil is between us, although it is manifested in ways as if it is me or others that are evil. But essentially, that is how the rejection between us is discovered. And within the person himself there is no evil. Rather the evil is the force of mutual rejection that is active between us.

We must try to see that the evil is not concealed in the friends and not in me, but only between us. If we rise above it and connect, then we correct this entire condition. That is my task:  to translate that evil that I see in me or in everyone as a problem of our uncorrected connection.

Therefore we must comprehend our personal problems and our recognition of evil as a discovery of our collective evil. Precisely from this we are able to build and stabilize the collective prayer, the “prayer of many,” and receive an answer from Above, that is, correct our collective vessel and restore its wholeness.

The Creator reveals the evil to us in such a way that it illuminates us a bit more from above in comparison to others. But each one of us feels this illumination in his own personal way and therefore below, we must connect between us in order to respond to Him as one, as if it were a one-on-one conversation. Therefore all personal shortcomings and problems should be accepted as our one common evil. This is the first step towards correcting our vessel.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/19/14, Workshop

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