Work Not According To An Identical Pattern

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you see the next level of this world and of our place in it? Will every factory and every kindergarten have its expert in the integral method?

Answer: These are complex questions that are difficult to answer unequivocally. Everything depends on the particular circumstances and even their regions. There are countries in which development can only be from below because the lower classes are suffering and want better lives, while the upper classes are deaf to their desires and longings, for them this is, at best, a temporary whim. Therefore, it is impossible to say in general terms where and how the internalization of the integral method will happen.

I think that in every part of the globe this will be arranged in its own way for the mentalities of the people; the social and economic conditions in various countries are different. There cannot be one template for everyone.

It is difficult to say how this will take place in Russia. I don’t even know how it will be in Israel.

Our teaching is always like water, living water that gives life. We simply need to consistently go forward like water that fills the lowest places and after that rises; where it succeeds in penetrating there it goes through. I think this metaphor applies to our dissemination.

In other words, we need to go to those places where we don’t encounter resistance, where they accept us with a blessing and not because they want to get something from it, to distort our method, to change it and draw their own conclusions: personal, factional, and so forth. Because in the end those will begin to stop us and promote themselves from within.

We need to go to those places where people truly want to hear us, where they are close to being convinced of the end of the present world, in the collapse of the private, competitive, capitalist system that is rapidly becoming bankrupt in the West, especially in Spain and Italy.

In principle, all of us are witnesses to the death of this system. Therefore, we need to understand that our associates are those people who suffer from competition, from capitalism, from all the negativity that exists in it. They have a yearning for equality, for a normal and comfortable existence, etc. These are usually low income populations, and not necessarily elements of a deprived class, among them are many intellectuals who feel the general crisis on themselves to a complete degree.

How do we go forward? I do not know. But it seems to me, that we will move to libraries and the like, where we can be included in the work of these institutions.

I do not believe that we can work from above. It is possible that this will succeed, but only if the authorities would be very interested in us. Everything depends on desire: the desire determines everything. The masses have the desire to improve their state somehow, and the authorities to calm down the masses. If they both become convinced that our method gives them this result, then we will succeed.
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 11/24/13

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