Enthusiasm From A Workshop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the external public has no great desire to know about recipes for happiness, how can one teach harmoniously, without coercion, to work from a request without pressure? How is it possible to feel this request? Otherwise we are going out to the external public with integral fanaticism.

Answer: You are doing everything wrong; it’s as if you are feeding the infant too much and he spits everything out immediately because it doesn’t give him any pleasure; it doesn’t leave him with a good taste. First it is always necessary for there to be a desire; and only after that comes the fulfillment that matches it. If you are working on overdrive and forcibly shoving a spoon into their mouths, then this will only generate disgust for your method.

Never do this! The strategy must be finely thought out. How do you bring forth a constantly increasing appetite, how do you turn them so that they will always be concerned:  from where, why, etc.?

You gradually  generate all these questions without giving the answers, and after that you sit them in a circle where they will search for the answers themselves. This is a game, a courtship, a flirting. You are producing a new Kli, a desire in them.

What is the flirting for? It is to reveal mutual desires for that type of fulfillment you want to give them. This is very subtle work in the fine tuning of the person; the identification within him of the required yearnings, which he may not have had before.

This must be approached gradually with some kind of hidden secret that must be unraveled, as if you are looking for a treasure on some deserted island. You need to think of all this from the start; you cannot throw it directly in their “faces.”

You, like a guide, only direct the person, move him, and walk beside him. But if he hasn’t made his own way, didn’t suffer from desire, and didn’t enjoy the fulfillment, then you will have done nothing.

For example, the strongest physiological pleasure is sexual contact. Imagine that you must bring the crowd to ecstasy, in that you warm them in the right direction. The first half of the work is that you wake them up, you go around them like a bride dancing around the groom. And the second half is their reaction, for you brought the groom to ecstasy and now he works for the bride himself.

What is this flirting? The first part is initiated by one side as he warms up the partner, and in the second part, he completes the mutual enjoyment for both of them.

The workshop must be finished with ecstasy, with elevation.
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 11/24/13

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