The Unity Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from newsland): “Swarms of locusts accurately find their way through the desert to green valleys where there is food. But one creature, separated from the swarm, loses direction. Studying annual migrations of birds, scientists believed that old and experienced birds led their movements.

“But today, it has been found that migratory flocks have no leaders; often young birds that emerged from eggs in the summer and have no experience, are at the head of the flock. However, being separated from the flock, a bird cannot find the right direction. Fish also become ‘smarter’ when they are inside their school: a group of fish chooses the right direction while one fish cannot.

“Scientists put partitions in a termite colony that was under construction. Termites continued to work, and every passage, ventilation channel or space, which were divided by partitions, was exactly connected with each other.

“Having encountered a ditch during migration, mice and lemmings fill it with their bodies, so that others can continue movement. The trampled ones make no attempt to escape, forming a bridge for those who follow them. The strongest instinct of survival becomes completely suppressed.

“It has not been proved that the organisms, inhabiting the Earth, form a certain next, higher order entity; yet, this hypothesis has not been refuted either. Its undeniable advantage, however, is that it not only explains the ‘will’ of this or that population, but also offers a model of the world, in which there is no us or them, where everything living is interconnected, interdependent and harmoniously complement each other.”

My Comment: To prove the unity of the world it is necessary to reveal the single and only force that controls it: “There is none else besides Him.” The science of Kabbalah reveals this. Other sciences, based on the study of the world by egoistic limited properties, are not able to reveal this unity.

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