Fear Falling Into The Penalty Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I prepare myself even if don’t have the power to do so, if I don’t have the fuel?

Answer: The importance of the goal is given to us from above and we are also sustained from above. There are no heroes here who themselves hold on by their teeth. Each of us lives thanks to the mercy of the Upper. The moment we are given the slightest hardening of the heart, we immediately begin to cry. Everyone is like that and there are no exceptions, and it isn’t that you are weaker than others!

But we should understand that exertions aren’t physical work that I have to do by force. If you overcome something by physical power, it means that it’s a lie. You cannot have the powers for real exertion, which is above human powers. If you can make efforts and do something, it isn’t considered exertion.

Exertion is the attempt to connect to the teacher, the group, and the books to receive the importance of the goal, the importance of the Creator, and the importance of action from them, and to operate on their fuel. You don’t have any fuel to exert yourself. But if you receive fuel through them you will have it.

This means that exertion isn’t just any kind of work, but only when you are attracted to the teacher, the group, and the books in order to be spurred on by them and to receive from them the fuel that you need for your work. Only this is considered exertion and nothing but it. If you had any fuel before you turned to the group, it means that it’s simply ego and not exertion. If you have fuel afterward, it means that you received it from above and this isn’t considered exertion either. The exertion is in arranging things so that you will be impressed by the group.

We have to constantly see these three means: the teacher, the group, and the books that are the link, the coordinators, that connect you to the Creator. There is no other source of energy or vitality. It’s your infusion, your pipeline of oxygen. If you don’t connect to it, you will die. If the friends constantly help you, you will never forget this. This is called mutual guarantee without which you won’t reach anything.

If you don’t use the chance that you are given, then you bring it back once again but you don’t know when: It may be in another ten years or perhaps in the next life. Every moment is detached from the previous one and no one knows when this opportunity will appear again. The current moment is concealed and you may wake up again only after many more lives. This can happen to any of us.

Perhaps only in two hundred years according to the program of development, will you finally receive an awakening again. A friend did not do something properly, was lazy, and you did not get through him what you were supposed to get, and thus went to the next round.

Question: It turns out that I have been already penalized and nothing depends on me?

Answer: It depends only on you; you just need to awaken friends. The Torah is given from above every day. If you created the conditions from below, please, have it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/13, Shamati #219 “Devotion”

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