The Living Force Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let’s suppose that people see that the society around them has a negative influence on them, as pressuring them, and at any moment it is able to negatively change their lives. How can they acquire strength to resist this society?

Answer: We offer them the altruistic strength that is completely opposed to the egoistic power. It is not meant to destroy it but to balance it. Today everyone is shouting: “We need to develop onward and to continue to produce a consumer society! To increase productivity each quarter! To create more jobs! Grow, grow, grow!”

Growth is no longer possible! Not in any way. They are just shouting because they don’t see another solution. The politicians say this because they need to maintain their positions in the government. The economists are silent because they don’t have anything to say.

And we offer people the integral system that gives a person the second power of the universe, of the world, of nature: the force of mutual cooperation. It is specifically this force that is the living force of all creation. Because the energy that turns the atoms, molecules, and all the huge galaxies is not just the egoistic force, but within it exists a second force: the force of unity. And we need to pull it out from the inside.

If we didn’t have the force of bestowal and love, then we wouldn’t be born, we wouldn’t develop, we wouldn’t do anything! We have these urges, but at the most minimal, instinctive level in order for life to exist. We understand that we need some communication between us, but now nature is demanding the next level of unity, the conscious one!
From Kab TV’s “Integral World” 10/24/13

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