The Circle Obliges

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a regular class the children often bully and abuse each other. Which states and conditions is it necessary to move them through with the help of the integral method?

Answer: We have regular classes alternating with discussions, and, for example, some movies to bring the students to normal human sincerity, to remove all reticence, shame, confusion, deliberate rudeness, and so on.

It is very good when problems come up between them and then we organize a trial in which each one of them appears from the standpoint  of the defense attorney, the defendant, and the prosecutor. Indeed all of us live as both a potential victim and a criminal.

We must move them through a multitude of conditions and show that deep within they are all, without exception, zeroes found under the influence of society and its activities. We need to help them begin to change so that they will not be pressured and fixated, and will learn to understand others, to come to their states. This is very important.

Our goal is to form individuals who are correctly connected with the rest, feel the others, and are very familiar with the world. Through cooperation between them they attain all of the sciences, discharging the tension between each other during the process of the lesson like capacitors and at the recess they behave calmly because during the lesson they released all the energy. Children who must sit for 45 minutes looking at the supervising teacher are miserable.

And we, according to our method, only direct them towards integral communication, allowing them to clarify relationships and organize inquiries, but only in particular frameworks, as in a courthouse: We have a rule that each one gets half a minute to express himself. They discover what others think about them. And you will see how everything works out. There won’t be bullies in the class with you or the weak who cannot defend themselves, everything will be balanced.

The circle obliges. Whether you want it or not when you are found in a circle, the integral nature pressures you. The smaller children and their abusers will suddenly begin to level off  in a circle because each of them will have his own word, his own opinion, which they are not afraid to express. Everything smooths out under the influence of the power of correction that descends upon them from above.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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