Revolution In Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we educate teachers the method of Integral Education, we must instill in them a framework within which  they will place their subject so they can teach it in the integral style.

Suppose that the subject of their next lesson is Newton’s Laws. I suggest they sit in a circle and connecting together to present the subject from the integral point of view.

First, I read the text in sections and each one of them examines it a bit from his point of view, and after this, I ask a question and they “chew” on it among themselves, trying to answer it. When they reach one opinion, their shared answer will be considered a common test that is carried out correctly, which is called, “friendship won.”

The main thing is to get an integral answer. Together with this, there aren’t any who lag behind or who run in front. Each one must complete the other. That is how we teach teachers to work with the children.

Until the children, all participating in the discussion without exception, have explained Newton’s Laws to each other, they will not understand and will not know it. However, the moment this happens, then the whole class is ready. After all, when children listen to each other internally “chewing” the material, each conveying it in their way, they comprehend everything in another form, and this produces an amazing result! They learn from each other. The teacher is not relevant here at all. He rests.

He can monitor the process but no more than this. If the students correctly or incorrectly say they are confused somewhere or they don’t understand the text, then this must be explained to them in one word, and that is all.

He teaches them to work with the book, teaches them to discuss, and teaches them to understand the material. The content is the material that we give to them  (Newton’s laws for example), whereas the form of approach is ours, it is integral. Here, there will be a complete revolution in education.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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