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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The integral form of education allows teachers and parents to understand issues that are usually never discussed. For example, from the age of three to the age of six a child needs to acquire a global view of the world through an integral system. Naturally the question emerges: “You have a good idea; but how does one do this?”

Answer: This system provides education, first of all the education of the parents and after this the education of the children. Since the education of the child must begin from the age of zero, the parents need to know how to relate to the child correctly, which skills to give him. A child, who “sucks” everything from the surrounding space, feels with his sense of smell, like a small animal, the mutual relationships between the parents, the relationship of the surrounding environment in regard to him and so forth. This is to say, in principle we don’t give anything new here; rather, we put an emphasis on the right environment shaping the person, creating a nice and good “incubator” for him, and nothing more.

I don’t see any particular reason here for emphasizing in what way we are different from others. We put an emphasis on particular elements that are long forgotten and haven’t been used for some time, for example, cooperation in a circle so that children will have the opportunity to talk, to discuss some topic among themselves.

In kindergarten the teacher usually talks. And in school the children are seated according to the German system, so they look at either the board or a computer screen, and the teacher stands facing the class. But the correct learning is when the teacher “descends” to the children. Even if the learning is done by the German method, in any case he must “descend” to the students and organize a discussion among them.

A mother playing with the child or reading him a story is behaving as an equal with him. It’s the same here. This is a natural and soft approach that has been completely forgotten and has turned into something formulaic and dead.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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