Permission Is Given Because There Is A Need

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreviously, we evolved into the form of “beasts,” generation after generation, as degree of  Reshimot “rolled” from one desire to another desire, and these desires received the sensations of the bodies in which they were found and created a picture of the world. 

However, now we have received permission to rise through the wisdom of Kabbalah to the level of the eternal world. So, we no longer will be limited by physical incarnation. This sequence of physical life and death will disappear, for we will see in this only a particular level of the general system.

When I asked Rabash at the beginning of my study about what life and death in our world are, he answered, “This is like when you take off a shirt at night and put on a new one in the morning.” In an identical manner, you take off this life and are clothed in a new life, from one system of ten Sefirot to another system of ten Sefirot, and when you are found on a higher level, you don’t feel anything special about this. Similarly, a body found on the beastly level doesn’t feel pain when cutting hair or trimming nails, because they are found on the vegetative level. A lower level doesn’t feel a deficiency. On the contrary, its renewal is felt as a nice addition.

So, it follows that for humans in our day, there are chances for rising to the eternal world before their conclusion of this life, and then they will see the present reality as an “appendage” of the eternal world.

However, it is very difficult to explain this. Permission is given and we must act, but difficult work is required before we can implement this task properly. We need to make the access to the method easier for the world;  we must be on a higher level and make the right connection between the levels. This is called being a teacher and beginning to raise humanity upward. We need to see this as our task, our obligation. The essence of the permission is not just that we are allowed to realize it, but it is our role and responsibility to do so.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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