“Experts” That Manage The Disaster

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe global mess we are in today stems from the fact that people are doing things that are totally unnecessary for attaining the goal. This is the uniqueness of our time and I hope that this destructive trend will soon come to an end.

Fifty years ago people followed a simple principle: “A person who doesn’t work will have no food.” But this was followed by the development of democracy, liberalism, welfare, and other “progressive” concepts whereby we have reached the opposite situation: A person cannot work or earn an living and still live on unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, and other “generous” benefits.

Suddenly there are millions of people who don’t work but eat. These people are becoming a great mass, and they unite and begin to invent different professions. For example, I saw a whole stadium of law school graduates who came to receive their diploma. What do we need so many lawyers for?

Suddenly there are so many professions that were very rare or didn’t even exist 50 years ago. These latter-day “craftsmen” have launched massive operations and think that they are very important people.

In fact, there aren’t really any important people these days. On the contrary, people who were outcasts in the past have come up with specious professions and university faculty positions and have suddenly become “important people,” experts, in fields for which there is really no need.

The modern media plays another role here; swollen to epic dimensions, it claims for itself the right to determine our lives. So who is to decide what is beneficial or not? I don’t want to generalize, of course, but when you speak with someone who comes from this field, you see that he has actually appeared out of nowhere and that he has no basis, no foundation, to form the public opinion. What is his education? Is he prepared for this role? What can he do besides make a lot of noise about nothing?

In short, these “experts” have begun a process of diffusion and have begun to replace the great people that used to be the spiritual or governing elites. One day we will discover that we depend on nonentities and that we don’t know where they came from and what they actually do. They are everywhere; they determine what we should read, what we should watch or listen to, what we should do, and how we should think.

Suddenly everything has been turned upside down: Those who were nobodies and who couldn’t find a decent job have suddenly invented different professions and different academic degrees and have become the leaders of society. It is a state of “a slave that rules” now, and as a result our world is becoming grayer day by day…

So what can we do? Disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and the method of the integral education, but by no means by the help of these “experts”, since they don’t understand a thing. Our message is for the “poor,” for the lower classes, since it is there that we will find the readiness to develop peacefully.

The “experts” will soon fall. But until then, they will continue to confuse people, but this is also the beginning of their end.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Disclosing the Secrets

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