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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe operate in the system of forces: reception and bestowal, and that is why any action should be calculated in terms of the law of the effect of force on matter. Then, there will be no doubts whether it could happen or not. The result will be determined precisely as by the laws of physics of this world.

Knowing the active force and the matter on which it acts, we can calculate everything in advance and evaluate the result. Similarly, we make calculations of some mechanism and are sure that it will work.

The same applies to a person’s internal spiritual work. Although we do not know all the laws of human psychology, determining desires, intentions, impressions, and reactions, but the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us a clear understanding and explains the principle of action of a human being as a mechanism, in which the upper force of nature operates.

We need to take part in all these actions and use the power of the Creator acting on our desire to enjoy. If we know how we react on the action of the force of bestowal, then we will be able to calculate all our reactions and actions; we will be able to plan in advance how we can attain the same force of bestowal like the Creator.

To create a group, we need to connect with the desires of others. We can do that by influencing each other with the same force with which the Creator acts upon us, that is, the force of bestowal. But a person does not have this true desire to bestow yet and he acts out of his egoism.

He just heard from the teacher and read in books that he needs to connect with others because only inside this connection the place for the revelation of the Creator can be formed. Therefore, he wants to act altruistically with respect to the other, although he has neither altruistic properties nor love for the other, but wants only to use them.

But it is possible to do because we live in our world in such special circumstances when we can act mechanically even against our desire. It turns out that one affects the other and thereby attracts the Light that Reforms. By my good attitude toward a friend, I produce in him a particular reaction on me. Every gift to a friend seemingly makes an opening in his heart. As a result, he begins to pay attention to me and react, although at first he was completely indifferent to me.

It will definitely happen because I use the laws of nature: I give to him, bestow, and thus buy a friend with my gifts. Gifts are my good attitude, my attention. Thus, I cause the same response in him.

First, this can produce an opposite reaction in him because he does not want to owe me anything. Instinctively, he can distance from me, become afraid that if I give him gifts, then I want to use him. In our world, we are used to in our world that there are no unconditional services. But time will do its work, and gradually the friend will be imbued with my care and will begin to answer me in the same way. Both of us will begin to treat each other nicely and thus will build a relationship between us. Developing it, we will create the place that the Light that Reforms can affect.

This will be our common Light that will build between us the area, which did not exist in this world previously, the area of our mutual bestowal! It will not be an influence of one egoist on another. Acting together, we attract a different Surrounding Light, goal-oriented, and it builds the area between us in which it will be able later to be clothed as the Inner Light.

It all works in this way. We can act on the degree of this world, at first even without a desire. But later, this desire will be changed by the influence of the Light that Reforms. Due to our connection with each other, at least two people, we will create a special area, as if we will be covered with one blanket. This “blanket” cover will become our common screen within which we will be able to obtain the revelation of the Creator and reach a spiritual degree.

We understand all the stages of this work based on the immutable laws, using the known forces. We just need to use all this correctly, like in any science, where I know that if I do not meet all the conditions, then there is no point in waiting for mercy. Conversely, if I have done everything correctly, then the result must be in the expected place and in due time as an outcome of my efforts.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/13

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