The Precious Garments Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the act of bestowal and how do we achieve it?

Answer: Rabash writes in his letters that I attack the friend’s heart with gifts as if I shoot arrows or bullets at him. And even though he has a “stony heart” (Lev HaEven) covered with a powerful armor (Klipa, shell), as do I, but hitting it again and again, I gradually break through the armor and into his heart.

And afterward, I fill it with my gifts and love. That’s how I win the friend’s heart and acquire the property of bestowal thereby. I do so because I wish to penetrate his heart and feel as if I am in it. It isn’t our normal egoistic heart, but rather that very spiritual space, the “place,” where I desire to unify with him. That’s where I strive to break through to. Rabash’s Letter #40 reads:

Each gift…that he gives to his friend is like an arrow or a bullet that makes a hollow in his heart….

And even if he sees that his friend’s heart is like a stone…[yet] through the bullets that he shoots repeatedly, multiple dents become a hollow…where the love of the gift-giver storms in and fills this whole dimension with it. And the burning warmth of love brings out the friend’s sparks of love, and then these two loves form one common clothing of love that covers both of them.

This means that one love surrounds and envelops the two of them and from now on they become one man. In fact, they are covered under one common garment, nullifying themselves before each other.

We can spend a long time, say nice words, and discuss numberless questions, but after all the questions and answers, there is only one act that most likely will advance you in the right direction. This is what Rabash writes about. This work among the friends may be invisible on the outside, while they are burning on the inside.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/2011, Shamati No, 86

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