Rising With The Help Of Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: No matter how much I try to rise above my reason, where is the guarantee that everything I do will not end up being within my reason? How can I check whether I have risen above it, and what will help me rise?

Answer: Reason always strives toward knowledge and reception. And above reason are faith and bestowal. Now I need to elucidate: Am I heading toward bestowal because my reason wills me so or because faith wills me?

If I am situated only in one of two points, and depending on my state, I will certainly act within or below my reason, meaning that I will work for my egoism. Two points together are always necessary. Imagine that you hate the teacher, you boil with anger toward him, thinking that he is not right. And along with that you build a relationship of love, bestowal, and total rejection of yourself, and you adhere to him. Then your desire develops precisely between these two points, in their difference, due to the fact that you maintain yourself in one of them in opposition to the other.

Otherwise, what use is there from Pharaoh if you do not build your love over him, over all this hatred and confidence in you being right, to accept the teacher’s opinion in spite of your knowledge, opinion, and reason? However, if you lose one of these points, you won’t rise anymore. Usually in this case, people descend below reason.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/2011, Shamati No.59

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  1. when i am interacting with people outside my kabbalistic group, how should I approach individuals who are more powerful then me? (IE a powerful businessman, politician, boss, etc)

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