Entering A New Land

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the main signs showing that a person has come close to exiting Egypt?

Answer: A great desire to unite with others is a sign of being close to escaping from Egypt because a person understands that only by uniting with others can he be saved. At the same time he sees that he’s unable to do so because there are no sparks of bestowal within him.

He also senses the existence of the upper force: “There is none else besides Him.” This force gives him the two aforementioned states and he is ready to rise with this force out of his state in order to reach connection.

My connection with others is called the “exodus from Egypt.” It means that I’m running away from my antagonism to others and from my own evil toward freedom and goodness. This is freedom from the angel of death, separation, which I perceive as death. And I obtain a connection with others, which for me represents life.

When I tune into the network where everyone is connected, this is called “entering a new land,” a new desire ruled by the Creator, the force of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/2011, Shamati No. 90

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  1. Dear Rav,

    Would it be also fair enough to say that even though one understands the importance of connecting with the friends, one mustn’t look for the connection as some sort of reward in his efforts of bestowal towards them? One must only focus on doing the work of bestowal, without receiving anything in return, due to one’s great love of the friends and his desire to annul himself before them? Focus and scrutinize one’s own intention, and not what he may or may not get out of the group – even though as you say, connection with the group would lead to his salvation. If all of the friends did this wholeheartedly and with all their might, then the true meaning of Unity will be revealed – and it’s probably a very different sort of animal to what many of us think it could be.

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