Unity Is In The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we connect through the Creator?

Answer: Very simply. Due to powerlessness in the face of the fact that we are not able to unite, we turn to the Surrounding Light, the Creator, and ask Him to unite us. This occurs at every degree. After we discover our inability to unite, we come to the “gate of tears,” cry, and receive the force to connect, merge together.

But how does the Creator glue us if we are different? We become glued together only according to our intentions to connect to the Creator if we want to bestow only to Him. He becomes our connecting link, our goal. This is like parents who unite in one child. They might even hate each other but connect through him, taking care of him together.

But in this child, they are reconciled but hate each other. However, they love him and that is why they connect in him, in this point. This is the union of opposites. We are all opposite in a thousand different properties and directions. No person is the same. So, what can we do with our desire to enjoy? We cannot kill it; we can do nothing with it. We are only given the opportunity to perform actions that lead to unity.

We need to connect two parts that have nothing in common except the animal basis. That is why there is this world in which we can connect on the physical level just by “holding hands.” But we express our feeling by this gesture. Therefore this degree is separated from all the other degrees, from all the states, because it allows us to begin to ascend. In this world, we can slap the other person in the face or kiss him and thus affect their desire. It is possible to kiss on request, and the desire can be changed due to his desire to kiss.

I just hug someone without feeling any sympathy for him, and even feeling rejection, but due to these actions, my desire gradually changes. This is the uniqueness of this world in which it is possible to affect one’s desire by physical actions. But all this happens at a certain degree and only as a preparation. And that is why it is not considered a spiritual connection.

But if we talk about spiritual desires that are higher than the degree of this world, then there we use material desires that in no way intersect with someone else’s desires. If we want to unite, then the Creator must be between us. Only through Him, through our root, we connect, like two brothers connect through a common mother. That is why they are called brothers.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/13, The Zohar

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