The Gate Of Tears Is A Joyful Prayer

way We don’t understand how we can ask for something if we are already happy and don’t want anything. However, the greatest source of joy is when we have attained the right request – the request to be given the force of bestowal. We don’t ask for a change of our state or for fulfillment of our desire to enjoy; we are happy with everything and don’t need anything.

You cannot come crying to the Host of all reality because this would mean that you are dissatisfied with Him and are pushing away everything He has done. That is what you do when you feel bad in His world. So what should you ask for? You should only ask Him to make you similar to Him. This prayer is called “the gate of tears.” It is when you want to give even more to Him in return, and all of this occurs joyfully. The Creator and you are like two loving friends who understand the connection that binds you. The “Host” of this world and His “guest” reach a union and look for ways to unite even more in order to fulfill each other.

Joy is a very good sign. Remember this when you see people who cry and despair about prayer because they think that they should receive a reward for it. We should desire to be joyful because then we justify the Creator and can turn to Him with a request for correction.

We have to be happy when we come to this request – to “the gate of tears” which is full of joy. It is a state where we are overfilled with joy and the realization of how great this state is, because we are finally situated against the Creator with a request that is now being accepted. It brings us the Light that Reforms, which allows us to perform actions of bestowal.

This state is called “the gate of tears,” which is contrary to what people normally believe it to mean. In spirituality, all the names are given in terms of bestowal and that is why they are different from the words and notions that we are accustomed to. We are not talking about cries and laughter in our world, but about spiritual states.

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  1. Dear Creator:
    Let thou allow me the joy of bestowal to thy name of mutual bestowal with you my creator. Please correct my soul intention when thou needs to correct me so I can bestow more love onto all of life around me more. Love, Fred Freedman

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