Controlling Inner States

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If half of our group consists of so-called creative people, how should we organize them? It is possible to understand how our instructors get tired of spending so much energy on them.

Answer: It needs to be mutual work when we are all connected to one harness. Each one is an expert in his field, but all of us are focused on one goal. The society specifically needs to be above all of this. To the extent that I bend before my friends, I am great in spite of all my creative pursuits.

But in our business there can be a state that a person suddenly “falls” for a day or two. He isn’t able to speak and is immersed in inner worries, the inspiration deserts him. One needs to understand this and to come to help, replacing him with someone else. But this is only an exceptional case.

Do you think that when I go to a lesson that I don’t have internal searches, experiences, inner downs and ups? But I don’t speak about it, my students don’t see it unless I am sick or have fever. But it seldom happens, and no one can ever determine my inner state according to how I look. And believe me it is one thousand times more difficult than your state. One needs to have control of that. In the beginning it is very difficult, and afterward it is easier. If a person would genuinely say what the problem was, then you would understand him. But this should not become a system.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/22/13

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