A Genius Who Creates According To A Program

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are people who know how to organize processes well and if the person takes a responsibility upon himself, he carries it out to the end. But with us in the groups there are many people who are what are called, “creative people.” In what way is this creativity expressed? You see, on the one hand, we require freedom and on the other hand, supervision and control; these things are contradictory. How is it possible to work with people like these?

Answer: It is clear that creative people are unique types of people who must be held in some kind of framework because without this, if they are not sufficiently linked to a goal, they could digress somewhere. On the other hand, they need freedom. But when they are found in the framework of some project, where areas for work have been prepared for them from the start on the basis of a system with an agreement, then the person cannot sit at home in the agony of creating or stroll along the beach, writing something for himself, he must go and “push” materials; in other words, there is always an internal conflict with “artistic freedom” here.

I once studied the biography of “free artists” a bit and I know that they all work according to orders. It seems to us that they create from suffering. But in fact everything is done realistically for the sake of a slice of bread, for the sake of covering various expenses, etc. All creativity is done by order and under pressure. Therefore, in spite of the genius, they need to be in a framework.

Question: How does one construct these frameworks?

Answer: There must be a program! If I work with the masses, how can I get along without a program? They obligate me.

Question: But this person cannot put a program together….

Answer: This is another matter.

For example, the famous violinist Oistrakh was always floating in the clouds. At the last moment the Minister of Culture, Furtseva, would contact him and would say, “A person is coming to you now with an airplane ticket and will take you to the airport, you are flying on a concert tour.” And that’s it, he would take his violin, they would take him to the airport, and he would fly. But in spite of it all, he flew according to a program because otherwise he would need to cover large fines for breach of contract, and so forth; that is, there could be no objections or reservations. We have to work according to a program; there is nothing that can be done about it.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/22/13

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