What Does Creativity Fuel?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is very difficult for creative people to realize themselves when working at an enterprise because its structure requires certain boundaries, and creative people need freedom.

Answer: What freedom does a creative person have? Is he not limited by his creativity? He must understand what he is doing, after all.

This is not just a free artist with wealthy relatives who does whatever he wants. And even in this state, he will not be able to create anything. Or he must be completely poor, like Modigliani who barely made ends meet, or something anyway needs to be pressuring him, otherwise he will not produce. But being “suspended in midair” is not creativity. All the great people have worked in difficult circumstances.

For example, Slava Zaitsev, a famous designer, suffered for many years because he was not being recognized or accepted, and he was badly treated in Russian, until he became known abroad.

Thus, freedom without boundaries is not a creative approach. I do not believe in things like: “Right now we’ll take our time, and we might show you the results in six month or a year from now.” One should not do business with people like this!
From the Virtual Lesson 1/27/13

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